Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aspect Query Language

An aspect oriented database should support an aspect oriented query language. What would the aspect paradigm do to influence other query languages? There is SQL, JDOQL, EJBQL, OQL, and others. AQL or "Aspect Query Language" would be a query language that supports queries against an aspect oriented database. There are persistent aspects, and persistent data that has been annotated by aspect introduced metadata. An aspect oriented database is a regular database that contains metadata or out of band data integrated with objects. Sure anydatabase can create metadata tables and join it to another table. So what is special about the aspect metadata? In part is a matter of representation, that is there will be keywords distinguishing the aspect data from the object data. The other side of the power of aspect data management is the implicit introduction of information based on contexts of the usage of objects in relationships.

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mBret said...

What would an "Aspect Query" look like? Can you do a "Hello World" type example? (pull a basic element from an AODb)